Relationship Coaching & Support


Relationship is Everything. That begs to be repeated, Relationship Truly IS Everything - With yourself and with everyone else around you.

Key Concept:

We all develop, learn and grow through the relationships we have. We all experience hurt in relationship. And we all heal in relationship with others.

I can’t say this enough – this is HUGELY IMPORTANT WORK not only for yourself and your most important relationships but also for finding connection in an increasingly disconnected world.

This is NOT counselling nor therapy.

Although I am an advocate for finding the right person who can help you understand your past and why you’ve done the things you’ve done up to this point… I am rooted in the here and now.

Intimacy Coaching

What is relationship coaching then?!

First and foremost, this is a safe place to dive into what you want both in relationship and out of relationship. My approach is from the inside out. Coaching, to me, is focused on the present moment and the “gameplays” for future growth and success. 

What do you want? Now.

This is just one of those key questions that we miss asking ourselves about our relationships – especially when you’re playing the role of a people pleaser better known as the “nice guy or gal”. You’ve heard the saying “happy wife, happy life” right? Delete that from your mind right f’ing now.

A simple 5-10 minute exercise for you:

1) Take 5 deep breaths and try to be present with yourself anf how you feel for a moment. Let whatever emotions you’re likely suppressing to come out.

2) Then ask what is true to you right now? What of your needs aren’t being met?

And I’m not talking about “those needs”… well maybe I am eventually, but it’s deeper than that…

3) Stay there for a while and feel it.

4) So, what do you truly WANT?

Write it down.

Now that it’s right in front of you, it’s time for more guidance to reach the level of fulfillment you deserve.


What brought you here?

You’re here for a reason, so let’s look at some of the most common ones

Either you are a student of personal development and just want to learn more about yourself in relationship to others – or – you’re looking to solve a problem.

Relationship and intimacy issues usually boil down to a few major categories:

1) You haven’t learned how to deal with your differences or celebrate them. You may be having conflict, or feel like you’ve chosen each other in error, blame each other for problems, and this can be a slippery slope.

2) One or both of you stopped paying attention to the relationship. You may have started to take each other for granted. When couples experience this, it can trigger existing or new attachment wounds.

3) You feel a sense of disconnection or a shift in polarity of your intimacy. You’ve  grown apart and no longer feel connected to each other because of lack of touch, lack of sex, and increased separation.

4) Eroded trust is a result of behaviour outside the spoken or unspoken rules of the relationship. Always difficult but not impossible to come back from.

Relationship Coaching
“The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our relationships.” ~ Esther Perel

A Framework for Intimacy

I’m here for a reason too. I’m a messenger, a conduit for peak experience, and I’m a “framework type of guy.”

There’s many tools in the “toolbox” to examine our relationships, I mean just google relationship and see what type of rabbit hole you can go down…

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’ve failed in relationship too.

My perspective on “failure” is that it is a great lesson as well as a doorway to opportunities for growth. Those lessons are what I’ve jumped into, head first, followed closely by my heart.

As what you WANT becomes more clear, you’ll either move wholeheartedly towards it or deny and avoid it. WHICH WILL YOU CHOOSE?

This can be the foundation and framework for the relationships and intimacy you desire.

Let's Connect!

We can all do all the research until we’re blue in the face but the rubber must hit the road at some point right?

I welcome a conversation with you, whether you’re here on your own or with your partner. I am fulfilled when leading people who want to truly work on this thing we call relationship.

I want to acknowledge you for doing the work so far. I’m here to hold you to it and guide you along the way.

The Feminine is hurt by feelings of not being seen, not being understood, and feeling unsafe.

The Masculine is hurt by feelings of being criticized, lack of connection (closed off), and being controlled.

Understanding this is a first step.

There really is an awakening happening that we are all being thrust into nowadays.
We are living in an increasingly disconnected world and our relationships are failing because of it.