BUSINESS GROWTH & Marketing Consulting

I want to see you absolutely CRUSH IT and I firmly believe that:

“Wherever we go, we go together.”

To me, that means if you’re successful – I’m successful.

I’ve come up with three main “packages” as they cater to the most common levels of growth that I’ve seen while considering team size and overall stages of evolution.

With that said, if you find that one of the three retainer based approaches don’t quite fit what you need we can arrange something else in between or leverage a different pace of delivery. For the right people I would also consider a “pay as you go” approach too!

All tiers include devoted one on one sessions to concentrate on keeping your efforts on target and generating outstanding results.

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Consider The Following Consulting Programs:

For The Individual, Owner or Leader Looking To Accelerate

Regina Marketing Consulting Catalyst

The Catalyst

  • Successful Business Framework
  • Relationship Foundation
  • Bi-Weekly Calls
  • Know your WHY
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Long Range Planning
  • Accountability Tracking
  • Routine 80/20
  • ...more as we grow.
Great Value

Major Launch Or Growth Cycle, This Is Where We Really Dig In And Shape Something Impactful


The Forge

$ 6139 PER MONTH
  • Everything from The Catalyst as well as The Crucible
  • Hands On, Consulting Based Approach
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Steering Strategy and Implementation
  • Targeted Intensive Program Delivery
  • Major Pitch Process
  • Weekly Calls & On-site Work
  • ...more as needed.
Entire Package

For The Small - Medium Sized Business or Tight Business Unit


The Crucible

$ 2779 PER MONTH
  • Everything from The Catalyst
  • Scaled For Teams
  • Accelerated Program Delivery
  • Active Following & Leadership
  • Group & 1:1 Member Coaching
  • Goal Setting & OKRs
  • Key Frameworks for Marketing
  • No Punches Pulled
  • ...more as we grow.
Level Up

Just Starting Out?
The Catalyst Program is for you.

The Lone Wolf Paradigm will die – You don’t always have to do everything yourself

Ideal for the individual, business owner or team leader who needs to prioritize, plan and execute for results. You will have the accountability partner you need as well as access to my wealth of skills in planning, management, marketing and implementation of ideas.

This program has it’s roots in my coaching and mentoring curriculum but I am able to hop in as needed to compliment your skill sets.

Aimed to set you up for success, generate amazing ideas and inspire you to a higher level of performance.


Major Growth Cycle? The Forge Consultancy is perfect.

Let’s Go “An Inch Wide And A Mile Deep” On The Good Work That Needs Real Focus

You own a company or head up division and it’s time for that next stage of growth.

You need someone devoted to working on rapid growth for your business. Consult you as a major stakeholder and strategize the best ways to coach and mentor your team as well as provide structure, inspiration, focus, meaning, and a successful marketing & sales approach.

I’ve found that having someone like me in on a consistent schedule allows us to devote focused time to a project/initiative. A weekly devoted approach to working ON the business and the rest of the week you can work IN the business as usual.


Part of a Growing team? The Crucible Program is for you.

Best Practices For Productive Teams To Come Together and Completely CRUSH IT

Best for small to medium sized businesses with a focused team who wishes to be on the same page, do the work to improve, and profit from guided focus.

Primarily a coaching based program but flexible enough to have hands on and in-person time to dial things in.

You’ll learn the benefit of this mantra: “wherever we go, we go together” and how accountability and integrity to the team will set you up for monumental success.