Leadership: Skills, Qualities & Training

A Training Course on True and meaningful Leadership

Leadership, Is a Skill That Can Be Learned

The mantra Of Quality Leadership:
Wherever we go, we go together


What is the Purpose of this Leadership Coaching Program?

Main Purpose:
Ultimately Become A Better Leader

Like anything in life, there are ingredients that make things even better. We will explore:

  • the nuances of your own leadership experience
  • your overall understanding of where you are and where you want to go as a leader
  • what great leadership looks like to you
  • how to use your unique gifts to tap into being the best version of yourself as a leader

Who is this Leadership Course for?

Short Answer:
Anyone and Everyone

We are all leaders in some form, whether you admit and embrace it or not we all have people who look up to us and learn from us.

Unless you are a complete recluse, you engage with people to both lead and follow in every interaction.

Whether you consider yourself a follower or a leader, an entrepreneur/sole business owner, executive at a corporation, or lead in any sized team you will gain insight and framework for better success.


How will Leadership help me? I'm more of a Follower...

Great Followers Know What Great Leadership Looks Like – And Vise Versa

If there are three things I want you to understand after you complete this program they would be:

1) Leadership starts by concentrating on your own values, experience, and skill set.

2) Leadership is tied to relationship.

3) You’re more of a leader than you think.

Be The Leader Who You'd Look Up To

This is my Personal Leadership Philosophy:

To be a true and effective leader you must first realize that you are a culmination of your skills, gifts, experience, and circumstance. That the learning experience never ends and as much as you are in a leadership role, you are given a gift of learning through leading others. You must be good with yourself first and lead yourself with integrity before you can successfully lead others.

Creating a safe space and inspiring safety creates certainty in those looking for a true leader. Certainty is one of our core emotional and developmental needs. In times of challenge, struggle or crisis the greatest of leaders are protectors and embody that safe space.

Part of being a humble leader is the understanding of both your strengths and weaknesses so that you are able to both know where to fill the gaps as well as where to effectively focus your attention for the best results.

A firm understanding and acknowledgement of each individual’s needs and motivations helps to effectively lead them. A true leader provides framework and structure for success but also allows for a container that supports failure and integration.

One must be able to leverage the best parts of the various archetypes: King/Queen (Sovereign), Warrior/Huntress, Magician/Priestess, Lover. A great leader is present while both exuding and inspiring trust.

A true leader knows balance, energy and power – and knows both when and how to use it. There needs to be a great deal of compassion but it needs to be tempered with passion, grit, and decisive action. 

Leadership Coach

Leadership & Leading Others