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I speak heteronormative as this is the predominant NORM, but the concepts I discuss are applicable to any “flavour” of relationship.

The vast majority of relationship and intimacy issues stem from a breakdown in communication as well as polarity. The keyword in all of this is Trust, both in your partner and yourself.

It sounds like an incredibly simple thing, left unchecked these things can erode a good relationship. But isn’t the goal to have a GREAT RELATIONSHIP?


COACHING: Finding Meaning & Purpose

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Presence is such a damaged thing in this world right now. Digital Distraction is an issue, Being “Too Busy” IS Equally As Bad

If there is anything I have learned the hard way it’s that if you are not 100% devoted and present then you are running the risk of letting dishonesty and mistrust creep in.

The best way to lead is by being present.

Lead by example.

Be Humble. Be True.

Most importantly, leadership starts by leading yourself first.

Yours in Presence, Brad.

Leadership Coach

Business Consulting: Leadership & Leading Others

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Marketing With Meaning

I left the advertising and marketing space for a time. Reason being, it wasn’t fulfilling (see my why) and I found it very “surface level.” So, I took a sabbatical of sorts to do something with my hands as well as find meaning in my work. I took up woodworking, audio books and sought mentors to feed my mind and my soul.

Now, I’ve been back for a time, Inspiring leaders of businesses and teams to conduct themselves in a better manner. Leading from a place of integrity and heart, innovation and honour. Because this is what was missing previously – MEANING.

If your business IS READY TO REACH A NEW LEVEL, I would love to chat.

Everyone works in their business but I find you often need someone present on a routine basis to help focus the work on improving the business – fresh perspective comes from fresh eyes.

It’s often about establishing balance, alignment and figuring out a successful marketing framework for your business.

Business Consulting: Marketing With Meaning